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Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions

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  • All orders are shipped using overnight express Post. Note: most places but not everywhere in Australia are within the overnight delivery regions (please check before ordering if your hair order is going to take slightly longer to arrive) Although we provide the expected delivery times for each service, we will not be held responsible for delayed shipments which result from Australia Post.
  • For orders posted within Australia, Express Post is our primary option and all orders can be tracked. Very occasionally orders may not be received and we will raise an investigation with Australia Post.

Conditions of sale:


  • We will accept goods back if they are proven to be faulty and/or not to the standard you require which would be noted before application and examination and PRIOR to application to the new wearer.
  • You may exchange the faulty item for a new item of equal value or a full refund.
  • Hair extensions are sold on the presumption they will be applied by a certified professional.
  • You are requested to follow a known professional application method. We do not accept returns after application to the new wearer. Choose your colours carefully from the pure Tape Hair Colour Ring.
  • Returns are not accepted when colours have been chosen using any other colour chart.
  • Gold Coast Xtensions & beauty deems that application to the new wearer is an acceptance of the quality, colour, hair type and bond.
  • No refunds after application as human hair is deemed a perishable item, therefore it is impossible to distinguish whether any fault or issue is due to wear and tear or the original product.
  • We do not accept unauthorised returns of our product. If a product is returned to us without company consent, the customer will not receive a refund.

Hair quality

  • Our Hair Extensions are of superior quality and will generally last the longest expected application time for quality of this nature, however as everyone’s lifestyle, eating, sleeping, personal care and product care habits vary we are unable to guarantee an ‘expected hair extension lasting time’.
  • Do not use protein enriched shampoo and conditioner, especially wheat protein as it can cause tangling and dryness.
  • Do not use dandruff shampoo on hair extensions as it can cause dryness and tangling to your extensions.
  • We give you a full 30 days to check or have checked by a professional in hair extensions application the hair quality to ensure you are 100% happy with the product before use.
  • You may see a few lighter or darker hairs through the base colour, it is extremely difficult to have every single hair the same colour and due to the nature of the product this is a common occurrence which presents itself when hair extensions go through the manufacturing process of colouring and bond application.  You can simply pull these out.
  • There may be a few grey hairs in the package – you can pull these out – women often start going grey very young so even though the hair is generally from women in their 20s-40s you will still see some grey hair present – sometimes these grey hairs are actually just blonde hairs which again can be mixed in with the original colour during the manufacturing process.
  • Although all our hair is graded AAA grade so you can be assured the best hair is chosen for our extensions, it must be noted all hair is from a different donor every time. This means some individuals will have “better” quality hair to begin with.
  • Please feel free to contact us at anytime prior to application if you would prefer a new package for any reason and we will gladly swap it for you free of charge under the condition it has been returned in its original packaging and prior to use.
  • While the hair is remy – you may see some small bulbs at the end of the hair – as it is impossible for all the hair to be collected be in the exact same direction, this is sometimes a result of a split end collecting dye during the dying process and is completely normal.  Sometimes the bulbs may be from the hair root and are generally white again this is completely normal
  • Remy hair is not coated with a plastic, silicone type coating which is very easy to notice as the hair will be extremely, unusally glossy and will feel slippery due to the coating.

Maintenance and Care

  • After you have had extensions put in do not wash your hair for at least 24-48 hours. This allows the bonds to fully harden. The longer you wait, the better it is for the longevity of the bonds. If you wash too soon, you may break down the bonds in their early stages and they may not last as long.
  • Regular washing of your hair should be only once every other day or every two days. If you have a problem with oily hair, try patting a small amount of baby powder on your roots or dry shampoo.
  • Many girls tone their extensions / use a purple shampoo or darken their hair extensions successfully if required.  However we do not take responsibility for any modifications to the hair extensions so we suggest only using a small sample amount of hair to test effectiveness as any toning or colouring is at your own risk.
  • When conditioning your hair, try to keep the conditioner away from the bonds. Conditioner on or too near to the bonds may cause them to loosen and slip. Be extra careful with wet hair.
  • After showering (make sure not to use hot water), you can blow dry your hair but try not to put any direct heat on the bonds.
  • You may swim as usual but remember that prolonged water exposure may weaken the bonds. Make sure to dry roots as quickly as possible. Make sure to place hair in a low ponytail when swimming, or use a cap to avoid tangling.When brushing your hair use extreme care. Always hold hair in a ponytail while brushing out the ends (which may be done with a regular brush). For the rest of your hair, hold one hand firmly against your scalp while brushing. Doing this will ensure less shedding and loosing of hair extensions. Remember that your extensions are attached to your own natural hair, pulling too hard or mistreating your extensions can result in your own hair being pulled out.
  • ll extensions are 100% Human Hair so you may use straighteners, curling irons, or any type of hot tools on your extensions that you would normally use on your real hair.
  • If your extensions were put in using fusion, use caution around the bonds of your extensions, they melt easily. Make sure not to run a flat iron or curling iron over the bonds as it may cause the glue to spread over your hair and the added hair to come out.
  • Dying hair extensions is not recommended. But not for lightening extensions In some cases, you may get your roots touched up after your hair starts to grow out. Any colorings of the extensions are done so at your own risk.
  • Sleeping in a loose ponytail (soft scrunchie) or braid to avoid any tangling from occurring the night.
  • It is important to keep an eye on your hair daily and make sure you do not get any knots in your hair. Proper bushing will stop knots from starting. If you have noticed two or three strands starting to tangle together you can grab the ends of the strands and pull them apart to stop the tangle from getting worse. If you ever do find a knot it is important to get it out as soon as possible before it becomes a problem
  • Some shedding is normal. Most hair extensions will stay in the hair for 6-9 weeks but also some may slip or fall for a variety of reasons, these can easily be re-applied.
  • Please take into account that if you had short hair to begin with you’re only use to seeing very short hairs on your brush; now that you have long hair it will look like there is a lot more hair in your brush, this is normal.
  • Hair extensions are a perishable product therefore there are absolutely no refunds after application.
  • Human hair can vary in its own unique characteristics and because the human hair is not a manufactured product it can vary in thickness, density, softness and weight.  While we make every effort to ensure a consistent product there may be differences at times in weight, colour, density, softness and smoothness of the product which is simply the nature of the product and out of our control.
  • Generally you should find your hair extensions will stay in place for up to 6-8 weeks after which you may start loosing some extensions as they are ready to come out.  If any hair extensions become loose these can be re-applied  free within 2 weeks of application being a maximum of 4 extensions after this time the normal reapplication fee will apply.


By purchasing or having hair extensions installed from this site or from us in person you understand and accept the following conditions as the purchaser/ wearer.

In accepting to buy or have fitted our hair extensions you understand that when making the decision to get them that everyone’s hair is different and therefore you the buyer/user of the extensions bought /fitted from this site accept the following:

You have evaluated the quality of the hair and decided that it is right thing for your unique situation.

You understand that hair extensions are a commitment and require regular maintenance, and gentle care. Things such as mistreatment, eating disorders, and drug use  that can have an effect on your hair and therefore on your extensions.

You are responsible for the care of your hair and your hair extensions at all times.

You understand that you will not attempt to obtain a refund after application and leaving the premises.  After application and before leaving the premises where your extensions were fitted you will notify the extension artist if there are any modifications to your hair extensions or your own hair including applying more extensions if required.

If you decide after completion of your hair extensions service and after leaving the premises, you would like more hair extensions or any further modification to your hair, you understand additional cost may be incurred.  You understand your hair extensions are your responsibility and you deem full acceptance of your new look, after you have left the place where your hair extensions were fitted.

You understand everyone’s hair is different and your own hair due to its own length, thickness, colour and style will create a unique look especially catered to you.

Hair extensions are generally sold as a full and half head.  A full head is generally 100-120 grams of hair. This is a set worldwide standard, this may vary slightly due to the nature of the product.  This amount of hair while suiting many people does not suit everyone and depending on your head size, your own hair (length, thickness, colour and style) and due to your own personal preference and expectations you may need more or less than this.

You will advise the technician if you require any additional  extensions modifications before leaving the premises.  You understand a full head is approx. 100-120 grams this amount can vary slightly due to the nature of the product.  For tape hair extensions a full head is 40 pieces (20 sandwiches) and a half head is 20 pieces (10 sandwhiches).  For Micro-bead or bonded extensions generally a full head is 100 pieces and a half head is 50 pieces. Balayage extensions are applied at a higher cost of normally $100 per full head.  Balayage refers to balayage  pre-dyed or balayage created colour which is a more difficult technique .

If you have any concerns once you have my extensions installed, you will notify your stylist as soon as possible so they may offer their advice or assistance.
As the buyer you have read and understand these terms and understand and the possible complications associated with hair extensions.

You accept full responsibility for your decision to obtain hair extensions and do not hold anyone other than yourself responsible for their condition after application or the effect on your hair after they are applied.

The product images are for illustration purposes only.

We have a right to update any information as required on our website as new products, laws and regulations require.




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