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The Best hair is collected from all corners of the Globe!

The Best hair is collected from all corners of the Globe!

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Our beautiful 100% Russian and Eurpean Grade human hair extensions are collected from various regions throughout the world including Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Mogolia and Europe and other areas throughout the world where beautiful human hair can be obtained.  Please note:  the terms Russian and Eurpean hair extensions do not mean the hair is solely sourced from these regions, it is inclusive of these regions and refers to the quality of the hair. The quality of Russian and Eurpean Grade hair extensions are very soft and fine and nothing like the low quality straw-like, dry and knotty cheaper types of Asian and Indian hair circulating.

Remy hair is truly the finest quality hair used in making hair extensions. This way much of the hair can remain aligned in their natural growth pattern with the cuticle intact (the cuticle is the outer protective coating of the hair).  The term remy means because much of the hair is cuticle correct there is no need to apply the plastic/silicone coating which is very thick in many cases and makes the hair look unusually shiny and slippery to the feel and often looks quite unnatural and almost synthetic in appearance,  this type of hair is not deemed remy as it requires its cuticle to be stripped and coated with a plastic/silicone like substance.  .

Remy hair is created by using youthful hair & processing it in a way that maintains the shine & luster of the hair while keeping the cuticle intact. This promotes long life & manageability of the hair resulting in natural silky hair with highlights & shading just as your own hair has. Non remy hair will look & feel the same when you first get it, however that quality will only last for a short while.

This type of hair is often coated in silicone to give the temporary look and feel of remy hair.
After a few washes the silicone coating will wash off leaving the hair dry, brittle and difficult to manage. When it comes to hair extensions, you need to be able to trust your supplier ….this is why we allow all our customers to come in and see the hair first and we offer 30 day exchange to check the hair thoroughly before use should you not be absolutely over the moon with your purchase.

Simply send the unused hair extensions back in their original packaging and we will exchange them for you.

Tape Hair Extensions

Our tape hair extensions are made from  A grade remy human hair.
We offer a wide range of colors to suit everyone’s needs.
This method is absolutely non-damaging and suits all customers hair types.  They sit flat and are invisible under the hair when applied correctly.

Micro Rings (using pre bonded I tip Remy stick tip hair)

This method benefits from no glue, heat or chemicals. Using tiny silicone lined rings a section of your own hair is gently pulled through the ring, with the “stick tip” section of the extension hair then being inserted into the ring alongside your own hair and then clamped shut using a special tool to keep the extension in place. Hair can often be re-used (subject to suitable care and maintenance) making this a VERY cost effective method.
Removal is by lightly squeezing the silicone lined ring to open it up, allowing the extension hair to slide out.
Micro rings are a fantastic method for those clients who do not wish to have heat or glue applied to their hair, or for clients with sensitive skin.

Fusion Bonding (Using pre bonded Remy nail tip hair)

A strand of pre- bonded extension hair is applied to a section of your own hair. This is done by heating the “nail shaped” bond at the tip of the extension hair and rolling it between the fingers to create the bond that holds the extension in place.
Removal is by applying a special remover to the bond which softens it and enables it to be slid gently out

Clip-ins are convenient for special occasion or a quick change

Wefts can we sewn or braided in.

Exceptional Quality:

All our hair extensions are manufactured in low volume, so this means much greater quality control as we check each and every packet to ensure they are perfect every time.
With our fantastic prices, this means that we pass the savings onto you without compromising on quality.

Huge Range:

Our extensive range of hair extensions allows you to choose the style you want, the colour you want, the weight you want and the length you want so your hair extensions look and feel perfect.

Expertise, Service and Support

We are always here to help! We will even assist you on Weekends, Public Holidays!  We can assist you in buying the perfect colour and type to suit your own unique hair characteristics and lifestyle!  With trained hair extension stylist on hand we can give you up to date information on the latest developments in the hair extensions industry.




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