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About  Remy, European and Russian hair

The terms “Remy hair” and “European hair” and “Russian hair are completely separate.

The true definition of “Remy” hair simply refers to how the hair is handled and stored. In other words, it’s hair that’s kept root-to-tip. It is hair that is bundled so that the cuticle lays in the same direction from the time the hair is cut from the donor. But by the time it gets attached to your own hair or hairpiece, it is in one way or another, processed hair! It may be permed, colored and have the cuticle may be defused (to make it smaller )—all of which are processes that the hair goes through to give every hair wearer the color, texture and wave/curl that they need.

European hair is a term describing hair which is of a very high quality and not coarse or thick in effect like a lot of  low quality Asian or Indian hair can be and  is collected from regions throughout the world including BUT NOT LIMITED to European countries like Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Russia and Turkey  this gives you the highest quality hair available.

Russian hair is the term used to descible the highest quality softest hair available and is collected from regions around the world INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO Mongolia Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova.



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