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Our Balayage / Ombre are the most beautiful Russian grade hair available.  They are 100% remy in a range of amazing quality.

What is the latest most sophisticated advancement in Hair Extensions taking the professional salon industry by storm? It is the G.C.X.B

This is the hottest innovation that is an invisible, permanent method, lasting up to 12 weeks (depending on your hair growth and lifestyle.


Tip: Make sure the hair which is sandwiched between the weft is no thicker than the weft itself. The tape will need to show through the sandwiched hair so it can grasp the other tape (tape sticks to tape not your hair) . Leave a little tape on each end without hair so that its tape on tape to ensure a good hold. Do not wash or wet hair for the first 48 hours for best results.

New Balayage Hair Extensions

New colour technique popularised on shows like The Hills and actors like Sarah Jessican Palmer, Jennifer Anniston, Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore is available in Hermans Dundrum and Ballinteer.

Balayage hair is taking the world by storm … gone is the ugly cm of dark regrowth we all panic to have re-touched as soon as we possibly can …often being delayed even longer by the recent finacial tightening of our purse-strings or simply the time it takes to sit for hours or to finally get our colour fixed by our booked out hair technition!.

Thank–goodness for Balayage – this look is incredible hip, incredibly sexy and means we can save big $$$ and time on touch-ups!

Balayage is here to stay…. for quite a while it seems …..with more and more girls adopting the style, the deeper drawn out roots creat a soft, exotic look, often bringing out the eye colour and features of most girls much more than a flat colour or even highlights.

Balayage refers to a colour technique that imitates sunkissed ends. This effect sounds deceptively simple but it can take hours in the hair salon to reproduce the look to follow through your hair extensions …but as we all know it is best not to colour hair extensions if you can help it as you may end up with a different colour than you hoped for due to the colour on colour effect or you may be left with dry damaged ends and blotchy colour.

The ideal way to achieve this hair colour without the associated risks is with our new range of amazing Pure Remy Balayage Tape Hair Extensons. Our incredibly talented hair extension technitions are busy creating an incredible new range – you can be the first to have these amazing – perfect Balayage hair extensions, where the colour gently graduates from a range of deeper roots to lighter ends.

Our Balayage extensions come as a full head of 40 pieces 100-120 grams and 20″ long.  We also have at times 18″ – 100 grams and 22″ 150 grams available depending on what premium grade hair is available.

Our Balayage hair extensions are soft, shiny and wont fade and best of all you dont need to over process them or bleach them trying to create your dream look!

Please see our colour range below:


Natural Dark Brown (1B) – Dark Brown (04)
Dark Brown (02) – Warm LIGHT Brown (06)
Medium Brown (06) – Dark Copper Blonde (16 )


Light ash Brown (18) – Gold Beige Blonde (22)
Dark Gold Beige (22) – Beige Blonde (60)


Dark Mahogany Red (99J) – light Mahogany Red (30)

There are several factors that determine how many hair extensions you may need, which include head size, density of hair, whether it is cut straight which requires more, is thick or is short to begin with.  Every look will be different and will depend on how much hair, the condition and texture it is to being with.  The full head packets will generally weigh between 100-120 grams of hair which may vary due to the nature of the product.  You will be shown the packets of hair before application if you are having them applied on the Gold Coast so you can colour, length, texture and amount being used. All pictures are for illustration purposes only.


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