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Visiting or Living on the Gold Coast?

Visiting or Living on the Gold Coast?

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Full Head Applied Special Offer – Normally $499.95 Now Only $299.95

We have a fantastic full hair extensions application service at an incredible price, using the best non-tangling silky shiny european remy hair and the safest absolutely non-damaging invisible, attachment systems avaliable in the world.

Our Xtensions Application Service

Gold Coast Xtensions & Beauty specialise in all the latest world renowned and safest attachment systems available, using only the highest quality 22″ European Remy hair available. We also use Russiona, Asian and Indian hair if requested to cater to all ethniticities.

We are the true professionals as we know one size does not fit all so we are able to access you’re individual hair and lifestyle to ensure the best type of extension for you. Often we use a combination of systems to ensure a truely customised and perfect result.

Plus you receive:

  • Free Professional Consultation
  • Free Maintenance
  • Free Homecare and Maintenance Sheet
  • Free Trimming and Blending

We use only the best quality 100% human hair, which has been carefully selected after rigorous testings.

We are happy to demonstrate to you on a consultation exactly how the extensions will be applied, before the fitting so you can find out everything you need to know about what is involved before deciding whether to go ahead. We will discuss all your requirements with you, answer any questions you have, and colour match your hair for the perfect extension colour.

Any colour, up to 24 inches in length.

Whether you are looking for length, added volume, additional colour or a completely new look – we have a price that will match your budget! We offer excellent quality at the most affordable prices.

Application Pricelist

For hair extension application cost and information (please click link to be directed to our sister site for in depth information and everything you need to know about getting hair extensions).  An additional $99.95 per half head $199.95 per application and full head  (application charge only).

Our Superior and Service

Unlike other hair extension services, we at Gold Coast Xtensions and Beauty offer a range of different types of hair and application methods to ensure you the customer recieve a truely customised tailored service to meet your individual hair characteristics. Everyones hair and lifestyle are different. Gold Coast Xtensions and beauty uses no glues, no waxes and no weaving, but rather a range of sophisticated hair extention attachment procedures to ensure it works perfectly with your type of hair, and we assure you will never have to worry about damage to your own hair.

Best of all they are re-usable time and time again.

Your new, thicker and longer hair will look so natural that nobody will be able to tell the difference. They’ll only notice how great your new hair looks.


With over a decade of hair extension application experience you can be sure you are in safe hands. Hair extensions are a complicated beauty service which requires indepth understanding of the human hair supply industry, all application methods and the natural characteristics of the individual wearer.

Attachment Methods


Non-Slip Ring

No glues, no waxes and no weaving, and best of all do not damage your existing hair. The hair extentions are reusable and are available in a wide range of lengths and colours.

Keratin Bonding

Keratin is a natural substance that is heated and bonds the new hair to your existing hair. We only use the highest quality keratin resin available.

Free Bonding Customised Blending

For the more difficult hair to colour match we will custom blend you’re extensions to ensure a perfect match and refine the bonds to seamlessly blend into you’re own hair.

Shrinkable Tube

Very gently seamless method will blend into even the finest blondest hair – an extremely safe and realiable method.

All our systems are essentially weightless and transparent.

Camouflage is assured and you will experience complete comfort and confidence. Custom colour matching and special blending are offered for natural-looking results. There is no excessive heat or stress on the attachment area and no damage to your own hair and the removal process is easy and fast. Every hair texture is available in curly, wavy, or straight varieties. We can match any colour that you want, including highlights and blends.

Our Clip Ins

Clip-on hair extensions are a temporary way to change your look, either for fun and style or as a test drive for “real” hair extensions.

Would you like to find out more? Contact us today!


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